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Webinar: "Introduction to Space Clearing: An Interactive Training Experience"

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Saturday, 27 April 2024 from 10:00 to 11:30 am Pacific Time Zone.

This webinar will help prepare you for the next 7-day “Tao Geomancy Certification Course” to be held at Mount Shasta, California in July 2024. 

During the webinar, I will help you actively clear the space of the room where you are, as you participate in the webinar.

Please clear the clutter and clean the room where you will be sitting, before the date of the webinar. Additional instructions will be sent to you after you register for the webinar.

Instructor: Stephen Quong, Master of Tao Geomancy and Esoteric Sciences

Topics include:

  1. Self-attunement and entering the required state of mind.

  2. Contacting and consciously working with specific spiritual guides for this type of energy work.

  3. Invocations for spiritual protection.

  4. Assessment of the existing conditions.

  5. Entering and holding the Theta Brainwave frequency to access higher mental powers and safely communicate with spirits.

  6. Preliminary space clearing of a house or building.

  7. Removing anchor points of curses and negative thought-forms.

  8. Non-confrontational relocation of spirits and ghosts.

  9. Maintaining a high energy environment in your office and home.

    And much more....

    If the minimum registration of 12 students is not met by  Thursday, 27 April 2024, the webinar will be canceled or rescheduled, and your tuition fee will be refunded in full.