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  • Zoom Webinar: Introduction to Dowsing with L-rods. Sunday 6 June 2021 starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Time Zone

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    This two-hour Zoom webinar will introduce beginners to the practice of dowsing with L-rods.

    Basic dowsing skills are a pre-requisite for taking the Tao Geomancy Level 1 certification course, which starts on Friday, 18 June 2021.  This course is optional for students of that course, but is recommended if you wish to improve your dowsing skills.

    During the webinar, I will teach you how to dowse for underground water lines, electromagnetic grid lines,  and natural energy vortices,  inside a large room of your own house or in the backyard or open space.

    For interactive instruction, you should join the webinar using a smart phone or wireless tablet, so I can watch and guide you dowse in real time.

    You can purchase a pair of copper or brass L-rods from or; or simply make your own set of basic L-rods from coat hanger wire.