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Rectification of Unknown Birth Time

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Rectification of unknown birth time.  Please choose the price option which corresponds to the range of uncertainty of your birth time.  If you birth time is uncertain by +/- 15 minutes or less, choose the $75 option, etc.

For an accurate rectification of your birth time, I will need the following items sent to me by email, several days in advance of any appointment for a consultation:

1.    Recent photograph of you, alone, against a plain white background.

2.    Photograph of each hand, palm side up. Smartphone camera at high resolutions should be fine.  Make sure that I can see the fingerprint patterns in the photograph.

3.    Detailed biography, which must include birth date, place of birth, estimated birth time if any, and corresponding dates for important events like marriage, birth of first child, divorce, immigration date, surgery, accidents, significant turning points in life, health history, education and work history, history of relationships with parents and siblings, financial history, spiritual interests and practices, and any other unique identifying factors which can be correlated with astrological patterns.

4.    If I can estimate a birth time which matches up well with the timetable your past experiences, then we can expect high accuracy with predictions regarding your future.

5.    Since you are providing me with a detailed biography for the birth time rectification, there is no need to order a Life Reading.  You can schedule a shorter consultation to discuss your questions about the future.