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  • Dowsing Subtle Energy Fields for Geopathic Stress

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    Date:  Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 August 2021, 9:30 am to 5 pm.

    Location:  TWIBC,  3115 Clement Avenue, San Francisco, California 94121. 

    This two-day intensive workshop will introduce beginners to the practice of dowsing for various types of geopathic stress zones with L-rods and other dowsing instruments.

    Basic dowsing skills are a pre-requisite for taking the Tao Geomancy Level 1 certification course, which will be offered later this year, both online as well as on-site.

    This course is optional for students of that course, but is open to all people who are interested in improving their dowsing skills and learning more about geopathic stress.

    During this course, you will learn how to dowse for underground water lines, electromagnetic grid lines,  and various other forms of geopathic stress. 

    This course will include activation of the pineal gland, in order to enhance  intuitive abilities, and assignment of a personal spiritual guide to help you with your dowsing.

    For more information contact Stephen Quong at (925) 754-8858.